Taylor Swift's New Song, "Sweeter Than Fiction" Proves the '80s Might Be Back

First Lady Gaga drops a new, '80s-inspired single, and now Taylor Swift, so I've gotta ask — are the '80s back? Hopefully not in hair and attire because, let's be real, no one's ever going to be able to pull off teased, permed hair just as well as Madonna did back in the day, but in music? It seems to be the overwhelming inspiration for most pop artists this year. Take Taylor Swift's "Sweeter Than Fiction": Though not as electro-pop as Gaga's "Do What U Want" from this morning is, the singer's new single is definitely inspired by John Hughes' '80s, with a bit of The Cure. In other words, it's nothing like any Taylor Swift song you've heard before — and not in a bad way. It sounds like it could have been in Sixteen Candles, really, if the timing were slightly different.

The song itself was actually written for the upcoming film One Chance, which is a biopic about Britain's Got Talent winner and amazing opera singer Paul Potts. Apparently, fun. guitarist/Lena Dunham's boyfriend Jack Antonoff co-wrote the song with Swift as well. It's certainly evident — with lyrics like, "this life/ is sweeter than fiction," it certainly sounds like a brainchild of them both.

You can check out the song below.