Glenn Spares Nicholas On 'The Walking Dead' After A Gruesome Fight That Had Us Terrified

Talk about a tease. The season finale seemed Hell-bent on dragging out Glenn's death on The Walking Dead for as long as possible — and then it didn't happen. Trust me, I'm not complaining. Early in the episode, Glenn and Maggie had a heart to heart. He told her that he loved her. My heart sank. That's classic pre-season finale death talk. Then, Glenn noticed Nicholas shimmying over the gates and went after him. Glenn! You should know better than to go off on your own. Did I not just say that this is the season finale? I thought he was a goner then for sure, but the episode had a lot of twists planned for Glenn and my stomach.

First, Glenn searched through the woods for the runner, and Nicholas shot him in the shoulder. What is this dude's deal? He already let Noah die and tried to escape without Glenn or Tara. Now he's taking out his anger on sweet Glenn?

The initial gunshot didn't take Glenn down, and he went after Nicholas. They fought, and Nicholas let three Walkers get on top of Glenn. Nicholas then ran back to Alexandria without him. So... were we to believe that Glenn is dead then?

False! We'll never know how Glenn escaped those Walkers, because before we knew it he had bounded after Nicholas and beat him up. I really, really wanted Glenn to whack him. However, the two of them reached some sort of understanding.

However, he's not out of the woods (literally) yet. We didn't see the two of them return to Alexandria... and the Safe-Zone's surgeon is (fortunately) no longer with us. It's entirely possible that Glenn will not survive that night. I don't think it's the most likely ending for the character. Glenn is such a pivotal character — spoiler alert: even his death in the comics is pretty epic — and I would hope that such a petty rivalry isn't what takes him down on The Walking Dead.

Image: Gene Page/AMC