Who Will Die On 'The Walking Dead'? The Season 5 Finale Odds Are Not In Everyone's Favor

When it comes to The Walking Dead season finales, there is one thing we know for sure: someone is going to die — probably multiple people, actually. In every single season finale before, someone has died. Some seasons featured more prominent deaths than others, but I think we can expect a few deaths during The Walking Dead Season 5 finale. I'm confident in this because executive producer Gale Anne Hurd warned everyone to prepare. “You can rest assured that not only walker blood will be spilled,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “But there will be a few surprises and some sad losses that no one, I think, will be able to predict.” Cue emotional breakdown now.

Let’s refresh our minds for a moment. In Season 1, Jacqui and some other people decided they wanted to stay at the CDC and die in its explosion, which was traumatic. In Season 2, the show gave fans a bit of a break, even though earlier in the season they killed off Shane and Dale. The season ended with the deaths of two minor characters, Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy and Otis’ wife Patricia. Season 3 brought Andrea to her demise during the finale. Season 4 was light, with only members of the horrific "claimed" crew dying, though just a few episodes prior Hershel was killed by the Governor, breaking viewers' hearts. Now, I’m not quite sure I’m ready for Season 5, but I have carefully thought about who might be saying goodbye next, and ranked them from least to most likely to die.

Rick Grimes

What is this, Game of Thrones? Rick never dies.

Daryl Dixon

The amount of people that would riot over Daryl Dixon’s death is enough to keep him safe, for now. Unfortunately, because he’s not in the comics, we have to live in constant fear for Daryl’s life, but we should be able to relax a little during the Season 5 finale.


If Carol dies before her and Daryl hook up, so help me God I will call Scott Gimple myself and give him a piece of my mind. Really though, killing off Carol in the finale would be totally out of left field, considering what’s going on currently on the show.


Comic book spoiler alert: Glenn dies in the comics in a very gruesome way and it is a huge deal. The Walking Dead loves its gross bloody deaths (RIP Noah!), so they won’t let just anyone kill Glenn. It has to be a major, pivotal moment, and based on the current storyline, Glenn is safe — for now.


Well, since no one can be happy for long and Carl has a crush on Enid, it only seems fitting that the showrunners would kill her off, lest Carl actually ends the season on a high note.


No one likes Nicholas, because he’s a wimp who can’t handle the apocalypse. Life would be way easier if Glenn just murdered him, but that’s why he’s farther down on the list. Fans may have to deal with him for a bit because we hate him, but I am fully confident he will die soon enough.


Sasha is getting super careless these days, which may be foreshadowing her death in the finale.


Considering that Tara still isn't exactly a main character, is already clinging to life, and her doctor will probably die in the finale, it’s safe to say that she won't make it either.

Pete Anderson

Yeah, Jessie's husband is dead. Everyone wants him dead, both the characters and fans, and Rick basically marked Pete as his target last week. Rick will likely kill him during the Season 5 finale, but it would be way more satisfying if Carol took him out like the badass she is. We'll have to wait until Sunday at 9 p.m. to see just how everything with Pete goes down, and if anyone else takes their final bow on The Walking Dead.

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