Response To Trevor Noah Taking Over 'The Daily Show' Has Been Overwhelmingly Positive

As a human being who lives in the world, I was a little nervous when I heard that Trevor Noah had been announced as Jon Stewart's replacement on The Daily Show . Not that I don't think he's a wonderful choice, I just was steeling myself for a racist reaction on the Interwebs, given the fact that he's a biracial foreigner — his mother is Xhosa, or black South African, and his father is white, of Swiss and German descent — taking over a job that's been held by a white Jewish guy for over a decade. I've just experienced enough of these announcements by now that I was fearing the worst.

But then I logged onto Twitter and I was actually... pleasantly surprised. (I know. I'm as shocked as you are.) Not only is there almost no racist vitriol out there, but the response to the announcement of Noah as Stewart's successor when he leaves the show later this year has been overwhelmingly positive. Across the board, fans are finding a plethora of reasons to be excited for Noah to take over for Stewart, from his stand-up to his race to his um... supreme dateability. Hey listen, this is coming from the world wide web, not me specifically. I'm just being a dutiful journalist and reporting what's being conveyed to me. JK JK JK he's v dateable, please give him my number post haste. And in the meantime, enjoy these very complimentary tweets from people just as excited about Noah's new job as we are.

Good to get the mind-marriage out of the way early, before he gets a big ego and thinks he's out of your league, y'know?

But seriously, inquiring minds want to know.

Fingers crossed that this stuff doesn't end up being an issue. Looking at you, Fox News!

We'll do our best, but no promises.

Yeah I'm sure he won't mind.

Good to know that they considered candidates of both genders when choosing who would succeed Stewart, although yes, would obviously love to get a lady in late night one of these days. Sooner rather than later.

They've been suspiciously silent!

And let's not forget the most important part of all this. #blessed