7 Matzo Recipes Your Passover Seder Needs — Because How Amazing Does Matzo Puppy Chow Sound?

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Some call it matzo. Others call it matzah. No matter how you say or spell it, matzo recipes play a major role in the Passover dinner. But the star of the seder shouldn't be pushed to the side or hidden under a cushion. It should be celebrated in a unique and delicious way.

Before anyone gets their yarmulkes in a knot, I would like to point out that there's nothing wrong with a simple sheet of matzo. Even as a gentile (or more affectionately, a goy), I buy a box or two come Passover season just because I like the taste. But then again, I don't have to eat it for a week straight. I'm sure that after a few days, this bread substitute becomes your stomach's biggest foe.

So before you let it get to the point of disgust, transform your matzo into a more substantial dish. Whether you want something savory to serve at seder or something sweet to snack on once the meal is over, there are plenty of ways to take your matzo from dull to delicious. Here are seven easy recipes that are beyond tasty.

Image: Gluten-Free Canteen

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