Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" Music Video: 16 Of The Best Moments From The Feminist Clip — PHOTOS

Over the weekend, Fifth Harmony premiered their "Worth It" music video, and the fun and feminist clip is exactly what you need to chase away the Monday blues. The video's concept is simple: women are awesome. Specifically, they're incredible leaders. Taking a stand against sexism in the workplace, each member of the group is depicted as the boss of a business — the head woman in charge, if you will. As you might expect, there's lots of eye-catching fashion, memorable choreography, and shameless posing throughout — but there are important feminist messages sprinkled here and there, too.

It's so exciting (and encouraging) to see a popular group like Fifth Harmony tackling issues like gender inequality with their music. Is the "Worth It" video perfect? No. At the end of the day, it's a series of slick glamor shots with a sliver of empowerment on the side — but it's a start. There's no doubt in my mind that the group is introducing the concept of feminism to many of their young fans for the first time, and I think there's value in that (even if the execution leaves something to be desired this time around). In any case, I believe the band is headed in the right direction.

Here are 16 of the best moments from Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" video:

When The Group Gets This Fantastic Introduction

When Camila Vogues At Breakneck Speed

When Lauren Shows Off Her Moves

When Dinah Kills It

When Normani Kills It

When Ally Winks At You & You Feel Really Special

When Camila Shows Us Who's Boss

When Lauren's Not Impressed For Some Reason

When The Group Nails This Iconic Choreography

When This Stock Ticker Speaks The Truth


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