North West Goes Easter Egg Hunting & Shows Early Signs Of Becoming A Competitive Plastic Egg Finder — PHOTOS

When it comes to finding plastic eggs, North West is ready to best all the celebrity toddlers who dare challenge her prowess. Easter isn't until next week, but North West went Easter egg hunting over the weekend and got a head start on training for the big holiday egg quest. And she came to win.

On Sunday afternoon, Kardashian blew off her piano lessons (I'm guessing) to take Nori to some festive Easter activities at LA's Underwood Farms. Naturally, mom took an embarrassingly large amount of pictures, even though North was trying to focus (JEEZ, ma!). Thanks to her documentation, we saw North's budding talents as an ace egg-hunter.

She chose face paint, I'm guessing to intimidate the competition. Then, we saw North walking hand-in-hand with a best buddy/egg wingman named Ryan. But at the end of the day, you can't trust anyone in the high-octane world of toddler egg hunts, so North struck out on her own. It's likely that most of the other kids on this hunt lost interest after a short amount of time, but North seems to be exceptionally driven to find the Easter bunny's treasure.

North's superlative commitment to egg hunting wasn't lost on mom. Kardashian hashtagged a photo of North crouching down in some brush to retrieve an egg "#GettingReadyForNextWeek." Hey! You've gotta train like a champion to be a champion.

Ryan, North's aforementioned egg-hunting ally, served her purpose as an extra pair of eyes early on in the hunt. They also got a chance to strategize in the sandbox. SUCH adorable strategizing!!

Here's Nori shopping for the perfect face-painting design. A butterfly would likely strike fear in the hearts of her competition.

Like any winner, North had to go it alone at some point. After all, she's not here to make friends.

I think we can all consider this event the first sign of North's destiny as a competitive finder of plastic eggs. Years from now, when she's made a name for herself as an olympic egg hunter, we'll recognize this as the event that started it all.