Postcards from Fictional Places by Myprint247 Give New Meaning to "Literary Tourism"

These days it seems like there's a gift shop everywhere — including museums dedicated to national tragedies — but most of the iconic iconic settings of novels and movies are free of such opportunistic institutions. But what if they weren't? Well, thanks to myprint247's series of postcards from fictional destinations we can all get an idea.

We often say that reading lets you travel the world, allowing us to visit any place on Earth — and quite a few places that don't exist on Earth as we know it at all. But as realistic as all this travel can feel while you're immersed in the pages of a good book, it isn't actually like real travel in a lot of ways. You don't come back from Treasure Island with a tan, you won't get a hangover from The Great Gatsby, and as much as my generation might still be in denial, there is no way to actually attend Hogwarts. Plus, no matter where you go in your reading adventures, you don't get any souvenirs.

But what if we could? What if instead of only having a shelf full of books as your only means of bragging to your friends and family about your adventures you could also send them a postcard to give them an idea of where your mind has been traveling these days?

Well, according to myprint247, here's what it might look like:

King's Landing

If you're in the capital city of Westeros from George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series it might in fact be best to send your family word as often as you can — you might not live long enough to ever see them again.


Hopefully you're visiting the setting of Frozen when it looks like this and not when it's experiencing, shall we say, "seasonal confusion."

Jurassic Park

I'm sure the dinosaur theme park from Michael Crichton's novel would have actually come equipped with quite a few gift shops, but here's what it might look like if you could actually get your hands on some of their postcards.

Check out more of myprint247's postcards from fictional destinations, and you can find their products on their website.

Images: myprint247