Will Diggle Die On 'Arrow' Season 3? His Departure Is Starting To Feel More & More Plausible

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Every time a TV character is about to achieve their long overdue happy ending, it's a surefire way of indicating that they're about to be in mortal peril. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is, especially on a show like Arrow where suffering and vengeance are never in short supply. So you can imagine how worried I've become upon learning that Diggle has decided to leave Team Arrow for good. That decision does not bode well for me, not only because Team Arrow just wouldn't be the same without him, but also due to the fact that nothing on this show ever comes easy. I highly doubt the writers will just let this beloved crime fighter walk off into the sunset without a scratch, which means we could end up having a Diggle death on our hands — a thought that's almost too devastating to bear.

Seriously, I can barely even write the words without getting choked up, but that doesn't make the possibility any less evident. Arrow has made a point of honing in on Oliver and Diggle's growing bromance, especially throughout these past few weeks. In fact, Diggle even made Oliver the Best Man at his wedding to Lyla. (All together now: "Awww!!!") And while I'm always down for a good bro-bonding session, I can't help but feel a little bit paranoid that this is setting us up for major heartbreak down the line. A heartbreak that we know all-too-well is coming.

That's right, folks — it's been confirmed from Stephen Amell himself that there will be an epic goodbye by the end of the season. Naturally, he left out who exactly this mystery person is, but it's someone who's been on the series, presumably since Day 1, given how much this scene seemed to emotionally impact Amell personally. Aside from Felicity, I can't think of a more gut-wrenching departure than Diggle's. He's been Oliver's confidante, protector, voice of reason, and dear friend well before Team Arrow ever became established. Losing him would be a devastating blow and leave Oliver completely shaken to his core.

Not to mention that Diggle is certainly the happiest, by far, of the group now that he has a wife and daughter in the picture. Doesn't that imply that the only way to go from here is down? I mean, when has anyone been allowed to look quite so happy on this show? (That was a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is never.)

Not to seem super cynical, but given my experience with Arrow, this just seems like a massive red flag that trouble is on the horizon for this particular character. Deadshot may have given his life to allow Diggle the chance to achieve his happily ever after, but I fear that clock has already started ticking. Diggle said so himself that he plans on leaving Team Arrow, and he still may. It just might not be the type of exit he had in mind. I can only hope that I'm wrong. (Please-oh-please, let me be wrong.)

BRB. I have to go sob into a pillow now. Bye!

Images: Katie Yu/The CW (2); ah-maa-zing/Tumblr