Was Landon's Ex-Husband Before 'Southern Charm' Really "Like James Bond" Or Is He Just A Wealthy Brit?

When I found out there was a new girl on Southern Charm, I was worried for her. Some of the members of this cast were brutal to Kathryn last season, so I could only imagine how not-so-delightful it would be for someone to join Season 2. Luckily, the new Southern Charm cast member, Landon Clements, has been welcomed back to Charleston with open arms (specifically Shep's open arms), so it seems she's dodged the "new girl" persona thus far. Landon, who is back from Los Angeles after getting a divorce from her husband, is returning to her southern roots. And while Landon is starting anew, that doesn't mean we aren't interested in her LA life, specifically who Landon's ex-husband is.

Landon met her ex-husband, James Maby, when she was 24 (she is now 33). The couple was together for seven years. In her Bravo bio, Landon refers to Maby as her "James Bond Brit." "The international man of not much mystery swept her off her feet and they married in Charleston," her bio says, which leads me to wonder, is her James Bond-type ex is the man of mystery, or just a really wealthy guy? Let's examine how much Maby is a "James Bond Brit."

James Maby's Job

Maby's job, while proving to be quite lucrative in terms of money, isn't exactly James Bond-y. Maby is actually the CEO of a company called Sports Logistics, LTD. Maby has been CEO of the sports venue signage company since 2001 and his bio on the company's site says that he has worked with organizations like "IRB Rugby World Cups, ICC Cricket World Cups, FIFA World Cups, IAAF World Championships," as well as more big names in the sports industry.

James Bond's Job

I mean, James Bond's job is a Secret Service agent, which is tough to go up against, even if you are working with FIFA.

James Maby's Car

So, I don't know exactly what type of car Maby drives, but if this house (that Landon posted years ago on Instagram) is any indication, Maby probably has a pretty nice ride.

James Bond's Car

But does it compare to Bond's hot rides that he maneuvers in when saving the world from the world's evil villains?

James Maby's Exes

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maby might not have been married to a "Bond Girl," but he was married to the always-keeping-it-real Dionne Davenport actress, Stacey Dash (Clueless). Maby and Dash have an 11-year-old daughter together, Lola Maby, and were married briefly in 2005-2006.

James Bond's Exes

While all of the "Bond Girls" are beautiful, I'd take Dionne "Don't Call Me 'Woman'" Davenport any day.

Bonus Evidence:

Plus, Maby once participated in a British reality show called Lost , where two participants are dumped in the middle of nowhere with little rations and money. While that is pretty cool, it's not very James Bond. James Bond would have every gadget he'd need to get by in the middle of nowhere.


Unless James Maby is a secret spy and Landon isn't telling us that part, I'm going to say he isn't very James Bond, but just a very wealthy dude.

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