Landon Is The New Girl On 'Southern Charm'

Some times when a new cast member joins a reality series, viewers (and cast members alike) become a little weary of the new blood. Who is this person? Are they going to be boring or stir up too much drama? While we don't know exactly if Landon, the new cast member on Southern Charm , will be the former or the latter, Shep, who brought her on to the cast, is already suggesting he might need to apologize for doing so, telling Bustle in an interview, "I know that I owe her probably an apology or something or a fruit basket." Here's hoping he's joking... for Landon's sake.

Landon is introduced in the episode as a friendly date of Shep's to the second christening of Thomas and Kathryn's daughter on Thomas plantation. Yes, you read that correctly, the second christening. (But that's a whole different story.) Shep introduces Landon as someone he has known for years. The two of them never dated, but are old friends. Landon got married and moved to Los Angeles, but she's now returning to her home region after a divorce. In an interview with Bustle, Shep says, "I’m pleased to, I guess, bring her into the insanity of my world and I hope she’s not going to kill me for it later." And you can bet that sentiment really lets my mind run off in a million different directions of how this season went for her.

At the christening, Landon definitely didn't get a lot of the attention for being the new girl at the time because, as I said early, they were all at a christening for a baby that was already christened. The baby's godmother was fired because she "flirted with Thomas." (Yes, even godmothers are facing the heat of the economy.) But despite the lack of focus on the newbie, there was definitely something going on between her and Shep. Consider it my Southern Charm spidey sense.

Shep, who says he was "just being silly," when saying Landon might kill him later for bringing her on, says that "she’s really enjoying it," but also offers up that "you never know how people are going to react to being on TV and having things revealed I think you just sort of have to embrace it." And once again, my mind is going wild with possibilities of her story arc.

You know when you are walking out of a haunted house that made you cry like a little baby who just had to fire her godmother, and you are watching people walking in smiling and you want to yell at them to stop and turn back? That's how it feels watching Landon join the show. Season 2 isn't going to be a smooth ride, and I can't help but feel like get out while you still can, girl. Or don't if you're gonna bring the drama because I love drama.

Images: Jeff Gentner/Bravo