Luke From 'Growing Pains' & Jack From 'Titanic' Have A Lot More In Common Than Just Leo

I'm not ashamed to admit that Leonardo DiCaprio was my first onscreen crush, mainly because, well, just look at him. He might not be an Oscar winner (sorry, dude), but he's certainly grown from teen heartthrob to bonafide movie star, a title he earned after his role in a little movie called Titanic in 1997. The role of poor (but insanely hot) third class passenger Jack Dawson might be DiCaprio's most famous, but that's not the first place you might have seen him. Long before he froze to death in the Atlantic, I knew DiCaprio as Luke from Growing Pains . And you know what? Aside from a few obvious things, Luke and Jack aren't all that different.

We pretty much all know Jack's deal, but, just in case you forgot, here's what the situation was with his counterpart, Luke. Luke was a young character added to the show to shake up the storylines on the sitcom, which was already six seasons in at the time. He was a student taught by main character, Mike Seaver, and, when Mike finds out Luke is homeless, takes him into the Seaver household. He quickly becomes like a brother to Mike and his siblings and is later reunited with his trucker dad.

Though the show ended after its seventh season, Luke was a fan favorite during his time on the series, and just like people still swoon over Jack, fans of the sitcom still profess to love Luke. So where do the similarities between Jack and Luke begin — and end? Check out this handy diagram to see.

Image: ABC; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle