13 'SATC' Outfits Perfect For Music Festival-Wear

Often, television's most fashionably forward-thinking shows regrettably provide aesthetic inspiration which no sane human being would think to channel for everyday wear. And of these sartorial experiments, Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe is perhaps the most idiosyncratic, which makes Sex and the City outfits the perfect festival fashion inspiration. Rarely do the streets of New York City see such wide expanses of abdominal or the straps of a sultry undergarment through a sheer shirt, or the type of pattern mixing that title character Carrie Bradshaw was wont to wear.

A Sex and the City-reminiscent wardrobe may earn you a suspension from your job and a series of sidelong looks from passerby, but you can bet that sporting a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired getup will earn you major sartorial points on the music festival circuit. All bets are off when it comes to festival dressing, and the more eccentric an ensemble, the more appreciation it will receive. On what other occasion could you sport a bikini top, a silken headscarf, and distressed jorts and call yourself fully dressed? Luckily, festival season is just around the corner. Now is the time to study up on Sex and the City's mad costumery, because no one channels the '70s bohemian trend or relaxed free spirit vibe quite like Carrie Bradshaw. Read on for 13 Sex and the City ensembles you can — and should —wear to 2015's festivals.

1. The Bejeweled Headscarf, Round Sunglasses, And Vintage Bathing Suit Look

Carrie may as well be resting on a chaise in the VIP arena of Coachella based upon the creativity her ensemble oozes. An embellished headscarf keeps her mussed waves under wraps, while round sunglasses and a halter bikini serve as ideal warmth weather attire.

2. The Ethereal Floral Sundress

What could be more pleasant on a scorching spring afternoon spent dancing to your favorite musicians than the most gossamer of floral sundresses?

3. The Printed Sarong

Ensembles with movement infused in the seams are pitch-perfect for a concert weekend, like this off-the-shoulder silken sarong with its drifting handkerchief hem.

4. The Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

No palooza is complete without some form of tie-dyed garment. Carrie's empire waist tie dye maxi dress is just the ticket for a lazy summer evening meandering through the crowds of a music festival.

5. The Embroidered Tunic And Denim Ensemble

Though vaguely retro, a billowing, embroidered tunic and distressed boyfriend jeans like those worn by Carrie are wardrobe essentials for a festival fashionista, though the Fendi Baguette may be better left at home.

6. The Patterned Crop Top And Shorts

Though 2015's trend report dictates that crop tops appear most alluring when paired with high-waisted trousers or circle skirts, the music festival circuit is a time to break the rules. Pair a crop top with hip-slung shorts, but know that your gym time may triple if you wish to look like Sarah Jessica Parker in your ensemble.

7. The Bandeau Top And Cowboy Hat Look

Take the opportunity to wear a bandeau bikini as clothing and a cowboy hat without irony, because music festivals provide the only opportunity for such wardrobe experimentation.

8. The Gingham Getup

Say what you will about Samantha's retro gingham ensemble, but the pattern is back with a vengeance for Spring 2015, and shows no signs of making a fashionable exit.

9. The Concert Tee And Jeans Look

A graphic T-shirt is always the correct answer for a concert, especially when paired with aged denim.

10. The Rainbow Sundress

Bold, hypnotic, and utterly whimsical, a rainbow sundress is the correct sartorial response to a bohemian occasion like Lollapalooza or Firefly.

11. The Fringed Blouse And Printed Jeans Ensemble

A music festival is perhaps the best place to indulge in this season's fringe trend, which works best paired with denim accents.

12. The High-Low Hem Dress

A frock with a high-low hem is the quintessential dance partner for a night spent swaying to the music.

13. The Printed Jumpsuit

If the notion of pulling together a complex ensemble for Governor's Ball provokes pangs of anxiety, slip into a simple and streamlined patterned jumpsuit like Carrie's.

Images: HBO