9 Ways To Wear A Bow Tie This Spring, Because Necklaces Can Get Boring Sometimes

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Bow ties have always fascinated me at how elegant they look with a clean-cut suit. I’ll admit that I’ve spent hours on the #menswear tag on Tumblr re-blogging thousands of photos of bow ties adorning crisp, collared shirts (and admiring the men wearing them, of course). But could I, as a woman, pull off a bow tie? After perusing the web and Pinterest boards aplenty, I think the answer is a loud and definite YES. Another person who believes that to be true is Luis Alejandro Cedillo, co-founder of York & Dillo, designer and maker of stylish bow ties for both men and women.

Cedillo takes a different approach to creating his bow ties by combining interesting colors and textures that allow his designs to be paired with more than a simple white-collared button-up. Moreover, his designs don’t always follow the same shape as the classic bow tie, making them more versatile for women to wear. To make things even better, they come pre-tied, so there is no fussing around trying to learn the art of tying one (which just isn’t in my lazy agenda).

Now that spring has arrived and the weather is warming up, we can put away our scarves and find new ways to accessorize – with bow ties! Here are 9 ways to wear a bow tie this spring, so you can change up your style and finally flaunt what has mostly been seen as menswear.

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