'OUAT' Fan Theories Suggest Zelena Has Been Posing As Marian This Whole Time

So a lot of things went down on Sunday night's episode of Once Upon a Time . The author of the book was released (and his name is Walt…like maybe Walt Disney?), Emma is super upset with her parents after learning what they did to Maleficent (dooming her baby to the real world), and to top it all off, the identity of Maleficent's baby was finally revealed — Emma's childhood friend Lily. As if that wasn't enough to make any OUAT fan crazy, the promo left us with even more questions.

In the next episode, OUAT is bringing back not one but two main characters — Robin Hood and Zelena! Yes, you heard me right, the Wicked Witch herself is returning to the show and there's sure to be lots of drama. It case you don't remember, aside from being extremely wicked, Zelena was Regina's estranged half sister whose sole mission in life was to make Regina's miserable. Well, according to some fan theories, that mission hasn't changed. After photos from set revealed Marian and Zelena wearing the same clothes, fans started to speculate that Marian actually is Zelena. Before I get to carried away trying to unpack this theory, here's the promo.

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So if you will recall, the last time we saw Zelena, Rumple had just stabbed her in the heart with his dagger, presumably ending her life — at least in Storybrooke. But what if Zelena was actually transported to her time portal? Maybe when Zelena's quest to end Regina's happiness failed in Storybrooke she came up with a new plan to trick Emma and Captain Hook in the Enchanted Forrest as Marian. It may seem far stretched, but you have to admit, it actually makes some sense.

Marian Destroyed Regina's Happy Ending

When Marian came to Storybrooke, she definitely caused some drama between Robin Hood and Regina. The two were finally happy, but with a wife and a mother back from the dead, there was no way the two could actually stay together.

Robin Hood Doesn't Love Marian Anymore

Of course he would have some confusion after learning that his wife has suddenly come back to life, but throughout the whole love triangle, it seemed like Robin Hood's attraction to Marian had faded. Not to mention that true love's kiss didn't unfreeze Marian's heart. Could this be because she was actually Zelena?

Zelena Is Good With Kids

Marian seemed like a caring mother for Roland during the series, but it would make perfect sense seeing that Zelena did pose as a midwife for Snow White and Prince Charming.

The Wicked Witch Is Powerful

If Zelena was posing as Marian this whole time, wouldn't we have seen her transformation when they crossed the town line? Well, not exactly. Remember when Emma's boyfriend Walsh turned out to be a flying monkey? He maintained human form in NYC for several months. Maybe the Wicked Witch has more magic than we think.

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