8 Reasons To Orgasm Instead Of Going To The Gym

by Aly Walansky

We all know climaxing feels good — so good – but orgasms are good for your health, too. Sex and orgasms offer a range of health benefits you probably didn't know about; some may say the equivalent of a really great workout. We feel better, we look better, we have a better night's sleep, and while we're at it, we're relieving stress. We're accomplishing so many good things at once. Each sweaty session has incredible benefits and many of these benefits overlap. Why do we even bother waiting for a machine at the gym?

If you were thinking about skipping to gym for Netflix and the couch tonight — don't. Skip the gym to get off tonight, either solo or with a partner. A bedroom workout beats a gym workout for lots of reasons, says British porn star Tanya Tate, 10-time MILF of The Year winner, performer, director and radio host for Vivid Radio. "Sex gets the endorphins flowing, puts you in a sweat, and raises that pulse and heart rate without even leaving the house. Guaranteed to burn calories and make you feel amazing afterwards!" Who could argue with that? If nothing else, do it so you don't get a cold.

1. You'll look better.

The increase in DHEA levels during and after orgasm are associated with shiny hair and bright skin, says Astroglide's Resident Sexologist, Dr. Jess. There’s a science behind that sex glow.

2. Better sleep

A good night’s sleep is associated with a whole host of health benefits (e.g. higher cognitive functioning, sharper memory, improved metabolism, general longevity) and sex helps to promote a good night’s sleep through the release of vasopressin and oxytocin coupled with a drop in cortisol levels.

3. Weight control

Not sure why some people bother with juice cleanses when they're trying to lose weight. Orgasms can help to curb your appetite thanks to the dopamine increase during arousal.

4. Cardio

Orgasms get your heart pumping, in fact your heart rate doubles when you climax. "Sounds more fun than the treadmill!" says Katrina "Rainsong" Messenger.

5. Kegels

When you orgasm your vaginal muscles go into rapid-fire contractions giving your vagina and pelvic floor a serious workout. "Healthy pelvic floor tone is an integral part of sexual health and helps prevent prolapsed as we age," says Messenger.

6. Immune system boost

Sex and orgasms raise your levels of antibodies making your immunity stronger. "Sex also stimulates the Lymphatic System which transports white blood cells and helps the body filter toxins!" says Messenger. Great way to avoid the common cold.

7. Stress relief

Orgasms release a rush of the hormone Oxytocin which, along with its pair bonding and cuddly effects, also reduces anxiety, says Messenger.

8. Self-esteem boost

Studies have shown a link between regularity of orgasm and increased self esteem. "Whether achieved alone or with a partner, regularly occurring orgasms are part of a positive feedback loop that improves our overall sense of well-being and perception," says Messenger.

Images: Matías Q.V/Flickr; Tumblr