Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day & Shannon Bex Are Now In A Music Duo Called Dumbledore, Er, Dumblonde

Awesome news, Danity Kane fans. (No, the group hasn't mended fences and reunited. Danity Kane is still very much broken up. Sorry if I got your hopes up.) Before Sunday night’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV News chatted with former Danity Kane members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex on the red carpet, and boy oh boy, did the two pop stars share some major deets. The deets: O'Day and Bex formed a music duo called Dumblonde. YAAAAAAS. This news is quite the *looks right, looks left* "Showstopper", no?

...Sorry to split hairs (hardee har har har) here, but the hue of their locks looks appears to be more of a purpley-silver shade than blonde. *Pushes up glasses at bridge of nose.* I'll stop now.

O’Day told MTV News that Dumblonde has gone the “alternative dance route,” and she compared their sound to The Ting Tings and La Roux. The duo will release an EP in April and they’ve already shot six music videos. SIX MUSIC VIDEOS!!!! Ugh, can’t wait to put the videos in my eyes and the songs in my ears.

When I first saw a tweet about the new duo, I misread the name as "Dumbledore." I about dumped a full glass over water over my head. Because my body temperature skyrocketed. I thought I might overheat. Close call, y'all. Close call.

Could you imagine if Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex were like, "Yep, we're in a group called Dumbledore. HOGWARTS FOR LIFE!!!!" It'd be too glorious to process. The Internet would snap itself in half proactively. Because it would know it was about to break.

Image: hi-everybody-sucks/tumblr