Brooke Adee Earns A Spot In 'The Voice' Live Playoffs & Proves That It's Good to Be Different

Country battled alternative on The Voice — and there was no competition. Kelsie May took on Brooke Adee in the Knockout Rounds for the final spot on Team Blake. The matching was a little bit country and a little bit indie — and a lot young talent, with both girls only being age 16. Both contestants brought it but it was clear that Adee was the winner with her spot-on vocals and powerful performance, but I doubted that Shelton would choose her because her genre is not in his wheelhouse. But thankfully Shelton went way against type and chose Adee over May, locking in his fifth amazingly talented team member to take into the live playoffs.

Adee is a unique talent on Team Blake. With most of his team members falling into the country and pop/rock genres, the indie artist stands out. Her performance of MGMT's "Electric Feel" was powerful, emotional, and almost perfect. It really stood out against May's low-key rendition of Taylor Swift's "Tim McGraw" because it was unlike any song chosen by contestants in the Knockouts. When most choose power ballads or songs that showcase their vocal tricks, Adee went with a pick that she enjoyed singing and that captured her performance abilities along with her vocal abilities. This was a wise game-play by the young performer, but one that will pay off in the long run.

I hadn't noticed Adee's talent until tonight. Whether it was because of previous poor song choices or being overpowered by louder and more intense singers, she had fallen into the background — until now. Adee showed the audience tonight that she is a unique talent in this game and, more importantly, stays true to herself. She didn't choose a flashy song that she didn't believe in. She chose something that hadn't been done yet and totally rocked it, which proves she has what it takes to be a star. When she embarks on her music career after The Voice, Adee won't conform to what others tell her to do, she'll do what she wants to do — and that's what makes her awesome. If she can continue with that mindset for the rest of this game, she'll definitely be an artist to watch come the live playoffs.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC