Sarah Potenza Beats Brian Johnson in 'The Voice' Knockouts & Proves That She Will Win This Competition

I've had a gut feeling about Sarah Potenza since her blind audition and it's yet to go away. That gut feeling is that Potenza will win Season 8 of The Voice — and her Knockout performance tonight has only solidified that opinion. The experienced rocker battled Brian Johnson for a spot on Team Blake in the live shows. Though Johnson is also extremely talented, his performance didn't come close to Potenza's. She claimed the win and proved that she has what it takes to get the ultimate win — the title of The Voice.

Potenza is a force on The Voice stage — she is strong, confident, and has a voice that could compete with any of the coaches'. The Nashville native was brave to take on a Voice veteran's original song, but she nailed it. Potenza put an original spin on Matt McAndrew's work, and gave it new life. It was also really great to see McAndrew visit her rehearsal and appreciate what she did with "Wasted Love". It must have pretty awesome for him, too — Potenza was probably the first artist to cover his song.

There are a few things you need to win The Voice, and Potenza has all of them.

  • The voice: This is self-explanatory. I mean, come on.
  • Experience: She's been in bands since 2003 and is working on her fourth album. Next!
  • The style: The glasses, the hair, the clothes — they scream strangely hip aspiring rockstar.
  • The stage presence: Potenza performs like she's in a stadium singing for a million people every time she hits the stage. She really feels her performance and brings her personal experiences into it, and it's obvious every time she sings.

She's the total package and the only contestant on this season to hit all the bullet points. Blake Shelton is on his way to another win with Potenza and his proven winning track record is sure to take her to the top. He's a little bit country and she's a little bit rock and roll — it's a match destined for victory.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC