Sophia Amoruso Wore What To Her First Interview?

I'd like to think Sophia Amoruso knows what she's doing. This ultimate #GIRLBOSS is the founder of fashion brand Nasty Gal, an author, and a formidable business woman. So you'd imagine her professional look has always been fabulous. As it turns out, Sophia Amoruso wore a unconventional interview outfit to her first gig.

Sophia's mega-success started with humble beginnings. She worked odd jobs for the sake of health care (like checking student IDs at a Bay area art college) before starting the eBay store that rocketed the Nasty Gal brand into super retail stardom.

So, what was Sophia's very first job? Subway. According to Who What Wear, Amoruso took some creative liberty with the standard business casual.

"My first job was at Subway—and at that point in my life, I was wearing skate shoes and Dickies," she said. "The Dickies fit right in with the Subway uniform, if you think about it. For my interview, I had really short, curly hair, and I wore a wife beater, Dickies, and skate shoes, all with a studded belt."

Oh dear. Just the term "wife beater" is less than attractive, and the thought of potentially baring my armpits to a future employer is slightly humiliating. But the fearlessness is what made Amoruso, and of course—she got the job!

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Today, her wardrobe is significantly more chic. And lucky us, Nasty Gal still sells skater shoes.