Artist Evan Lorenzen's Tiny Handmade Books Prove The Best Things Come in Small Packages

You've heard of books that can fit in your pocket, but what about books you can hold with just one fingertip? Denver-based designer and illustrator Evan Lorenzen's micro handmade books, or tiny books, are just that. None are larger than one inch tall, and as he says on his website, some the size of a thumbnail. In his scaled-way-way-down book-making process, Lorenzen uses paper, ink, thread, and a needle, and — probably the craziest part to this glasses-wearing lady — no sort of magnifying equipment whatsoever. Now all you need is a Polly Pocket-sized bookcase to put them on.

But just because Lorenzen's books are tiny doesn't mean they don't cover some big subject matter — but yes, in an adorable way. There's his micro book Life's Lil Pleasures, which includes word and illustrations on the little things that make us happy; Big Words, which celebrates the short words that mean big things, such as "ego" and "truth"; The Mini Book of Major Events, which illustrates crucial moments in humanity, such as "life arises," "fire discovered," and "agriculture"; and then there's A Field Guide to Cereal, because what's more important than the most crucial meal of the day?

But these are only the beginning. While you can't get your hands (or fingernails) on Lorenzen's books currently, you can take a look inside, starting with Life's Lil Pleasures.

And see small words make a big impact in Big Words, only 7 millimeters wide:

His Mini Book of Major Events gets a little out there:

And, of course, cereal:

You can see all of Lorenzen's artwork on his website, Art & Such Evan.

Images: Art and Such Evan/Tumblr, The Fanger/Tumblr