When Will Zayn Malik's "I Won't Mind" Be On Spotify? You Might Have To Wait For The Official Release — LISTEN

In the wake of the news that Zayn Malik's solo song "I Won't Mind" has been released, people have quite happily forgotten that it's actually Naughty Boy's song when they talk about it. (Myself included.) As in, Malik is just the featured artist on the song that Naughty Boy produced, you guys. As in, it's not actually Malik's song, though I suppose he owns quite a lot of the rights to it. Regardless, the song is a somber tragic romance that you'll play on every rainy day from now into infinity, so I understand wanting to play it on your own time wherever you go. However, those of you who are wondering when Malik's solo song will be on Spotify should prepare for a bit of disappointment. It might not happen for some time.

The thing is, Naughty Boy released the song onto SoundCloud and then tweeted the link to his followers — which is far from an official release. While I don't doubt that "I Won't Mind" is the first single off Naughty Boy's upcoming album, for obvious reasons, there's a lot of evidence that the release was done out of spite rather than because we're going to get it on our iPhones and iPods any time soon. After all, Naughty Boy released the song at the end of an argument he was having with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson about whether or not it was inappropriate to start promoting it so soon.

Of course, regardless of how it happened, Zayn Naughty's first solo song is still out there in the world. The Spotify file has over one million listens already. Surely, there's no point in holding off when everyone and their mother is clearly already listening to the song? The smart thing to do would be to go ahead and release it to iTunes and Spotify on Tuesday, while the controversy is at its peak and people are most inclined to listen, rather than to wait for a more appropriate time. The ship has kind of sailed on that one.

So when will "I Won't Mind" be on Spotify? Either some time on Tuesday, the day after Naughty Boy released the song that has now gone viral, or not until the official single hits iTunes at some unspecified point in the future. However, I'm sure that the wait won't be too long. If Naughty Boy was already advertising the song, then there's a good chance he was going to release it in the next couple of weeks, whether Tomlinson called him out on it or not.

Until then, listen to the song for the millionth time below.

Image: zaynnharry/Tumblr