Kim Kardashian, Kanye, and North West Accidentally Photobomb A Very Uncomfortable Looking Baby During Lunch, And It Is A Work Of Art — PHOTO

Have you ever wondered exactly how many tourist photos you're in the background of? Living in New York, I have to assume that it happens more often here than other places. I used to work in Times Square (in offices at Times Square; I wasn't the naked cowgirl or anything like that), and I swear, there's got to be thousands of happy family photos featuring me in the background looking like I'm about to go all "Hulk, smash" on someone's ass. While the people who spot me in the background of their photos and have a laugh at the "random angry girl" (which is what I assume I'm referred to out in the world by people whose photos I've accidentally wandered into), this Instagram user was lucky enough to capture Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and baby North West out to lunch at Nobu in the background of her photo.

It seems like the Instagram user had no idea that the America's Royal-ish Family (of Hot Garbage?) was behind her when she uploaded the photo, because she's gone nuts on the hashtags without including any about the famous couple in the photo. Maybe, just maybe, she doesn't even know who they are. In which case, this would be your heartwarming story of human inspiration the day. There are babies in the world being raised by people who don't know who the Kimyes are! There is hope for all of us still! Considering the woman in the photo is Alice Bamford, a British heiress, I'm guessing she just didn't notice, but that she's perfectly aware of who Kimye and their resting bitch face baby are.

Regardless, this is all pretty flawless: Kanye staring off into space...Kim staring off into space...North trying to escape her own life, starting with that high chair...the confusing, uncomfortable-looking baby in the foreground. It's all just too good. Bless this mess.

You know what, I'm going to be so disappointed if this isn't discussed in the future episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Even though I don't watch that show, I really want the GIF of Kim saying something dumb about this. Because I feel like I could use that. Anyway, here are some more awesome celebrity photobombs:

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Images: Getty Images; alibambam, jaydetaylor/Instagram; gma, rosamusica1, DaveNgo06 /Twitter; trevor.shailer/Facebook