'The O.C.'s Main Couples Were Really Similar

by Rachel Simon

You can learn a lot about a person based on their TV preferences, but no piece of info is more telling than where fans come down on this one, crucial debate: Ryan and Marissa, or Seth and Summer? The couples of The O.C. were different in a lot of ways, and naturally, everyone was typically drawn to either one pairing or the other. If you were on Team Ryan and Marissa, it's safe to assume you loved drama, hated conversation, and thought bad boys were the absolute best. If you were all about Seth and Summer, meanwhile, you probably were a bit more shy, rooted for the underdog, and couldn't think of anything more romantic than sharing a love for take-out Chinese food and cute plastic horses.

Yet regardless of whose team you were on, you can't deny that both couples had their charms, as well as their flaws. Who can think of Ryan and Marissa's romance without remembering their night in the tiki hut (or that thing with Oliver...)? Who can reminisce on Seth and Summer's love story without swooning over that Spider-Man kiss (and all the stuff with Che...)?

Here's how The O.C.'s lead couples stack up against each other. I'm sure you'll agree.

Image: Fox; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle