Best Video Of A Kid Dancing To "Uptown Funk" Yet

Dance lessons exist, obviously, but even though you can learn the steps, I'm not fully convinced you can ever fully learn how to inject that necessary groove into your blood stream. Surely you're either born with the funk or you're not, right? Perhaps it's a matter of the song and its jam-inducing powers. For example, we all know kids MUST dance to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". It's literally (not literally) encoded into the DNA of every child at this point. And I guess tweens like rave music. It's a tough concept to navigate and fully fathom, maybe. Anyway, here's more evidence that suggests some folks are just born with the boogie bug: a video of a young boy dancing to "Uptown Funk" at a hockey game and doing it with so much feeling. SO. MUCH. FEELING. It's one thing to "dance like nobody's watching", but to be so lost in the groove that you don't even realize that everyone is watching? Sir, teach me your ways.

If someone could guarantee a small, adorable child would throw down like this at every sports game in existence, I'd probably start rooting for a few more (OK, any) teams. This "Uptown Funk" fan gets his body rolling at a Binghamton Senators hockey game in New York and I cannot imagine how such hot moves don't make the ice below melt right then and right there. He should teach classes. I can name five people off the top of my head who could benefit from such a talent (namely, me and my partner).

Can you imagine? Sigh.

So NATURAL. He doesn't even look like he's meditated on any of the pops, locks, or somewhat questionable crotch-grabs. His spine is basically liquid.

Some of my favorite moves he masterfully demonstrated at this fateful, truly entertaining hockey game:

1. The disco point

A solid ode to Travolta. Much respect.

2. The body roll

Again! With the liquid spine! Dude.

3. The crotch-grab

Not sure how this will translate into adulthood, but.

What did this child's mother eat while pregnant with him? How can I insure all my future offspring are born blessed with similar rhythm? I'm listening.

Images: YouTube; FOX40WICZ/YouTube(2)