12 Literary Coffee Mugs All Book Nerds Need In Their Lives, Because We Could All Use A Pick Me Up Sometimes

It's no secret that books and coffee are a match made in heaven. At least, most people seem to think so. Who doesn't love hitting their favorite coffee shop, and getting lost in a book for an hour or five? But sometimes the temptation to stay in bed is too good to pass up, and so you make your coffee at home.

Not the worst thing, but it could be just a little bit better. Sure, your coffee shop latte art might be Instagram-worthy, but is it in a Harry Potter mug? Give your morning coffee a makeover with one of these 12 literary coffee mugs perfect for book-lovers everywhere.

Image: Etsy

by Amy Sachs

Espresso Patronum

The one true magic potion: coffee! The perfect mug for wizards and muggles alike.

Espresso Patronum Mug, $15.00, Etsy

Tequila Mockingbird

Not all mugs have to contain coffee. I’m just sayin’. This one kind of speaks for itself.

Tequila Mockingbird Mug, $14.49, Cafe Press


What would Hamlet do? Figure it out and then do… pretty much the opposite of that.

Hamlet Mug, $12.99, Cafe Press

Happiness is...

The coffee, the book, this mug, and the promise of no interruptions = perfection!

Happiness Mug, $15.99, Etsy

Vintage Typewriter

Anyone who loves reading or writing has probably day dreamed about writing on a type writer of their own, so fill up and get going with this old fashioned mug.

Vintage Typewriter Mug, $18.00, Etsy

The Book Was Better

So says everyone who read the book first, every time they see the adaptation.

The Book Was Better Mug, $14.63, Etsy

Okay? Okay.

Maybe “Let’s have coffee” will be our “always.”

The Fault in Our Stars Mug, $12.00, Etsy

Carpe Read 'Em

Seize the books! Great advice from a mug, if I do say so myself.

Carpe Read ‘Em Mug, $12.99, Cafe Press

Kate Spade Thermal Mug

Take your coffee (and your library) to go with this adorable mug from Kate Spade.

Like a Book Mug, $18.00, Swoozies

Jane Austen Book Mug

The perfect mug for any and all Jane Austen fans, a watercolor stack of some of her best-loved books!

Jane Austen Mug, $15.99, Cafe Press

Banned Books

The essential guide to all things banned books… on a mug.

Banned Books Mug, $12.56, The Library Shop

Drink Me

One of the best Alice in Wonderland scenes can be held in your own two hands with this cup and saucer set!

Drink Me, $18.00, Etsy