What Your Favorite Reading Spot Says About You

When it comes to where I like to read, I’m pretty set in my ways. True, sometimes I can’t afford to be too picky — and I read whenever, wherever I can — but when I decide to treat myself to a long afternoon with a book, I give a lot (a lot!) of thought to where I will settle in. It depends, of course, on my mood and the type of book I’m reading, but more and more I find myself haunting the same few places. Right now, my perfect reading spot must include a hot beverage— because of this interminable winter (March is ending? Lies), when to be perfectly honest, I cannot remember a time where I didn’t consider my space heater my best friend and favorite companion.

Yes, after years of being a compulsive reader, I’ve come to find I am set in my ways, and I’m OK with that. Reading in bed, for instance? No way. Not happening. Not for me. Life rule: if I’m in my bed, I will be falling asleep. Even if I’m holding a book I’m really immersed in. But, of course, what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for others — I’ve yet to succeed in dragging my best friend with me when I go spend hours reading in my favorite coffee shop (Her loss.)

So what does the spot where you most enjoy reading say about you? Are you an easily distracted reader? Or do you find it easy to shut the world out? An introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert? Keep reading.

Your Bed

You’re a bona fide book lover and are constantly counting down the minutes until you can escape the “real world” and dive into that novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand. If you can avoid leaving your room (or, let’s be real, your bed), you consider it a successful evening. You’re slowly running out of excuses to make to your friends about why you don’t want to get drinks on a Thursday night — because “I was just getting to the good part” doesn’t count.

Your Living Room Couch

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You like to be perfectly comfortable when you read, so, naturally, you already have all the pillows set up on the couch so that they prop you up enough that you don’t get distracted by having to readjust every five minutes. You always spend some time setting up so that everything you might need is within your reach before you let yourself start reading — who wants to have to get up to grab something? You’d have to put your novel down! You’re a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak, but you know you can loosen up: you’ve been known to spill some coffee and not clean it up right away — but only if the book you’re reading is a friggin’ masterpiece.

In the Bathtub

Ah, to be young and have a bathtub! Seriously, you’re one of the lucky ones. The blankets on your bed simply aren’t warm enough sometimes — you just need a mini-pool of scalding-hot water. You like to pamper yourself after a long hard day, and aren’t ashamed to make your own bliss by setting up some candles and bringing out that bath salt. Sometimes your arms get tired from propping that hardcover up, though… and the water get tepid before you’ve quite read as much as you want. (Life can be rough, OK!?) But no regrets — it was fun while it lasted.



You live somewhere other than Boston. You’re a bit of a romantic and while you know that reading in the park is never as perfect as it looks in pictures — grass does get itchy, after all — you still love the feeling of the sun on your shoulders, uneven ground under your legs. You like to feel like you’re around people even when you’re settled deep inside a book. You’re loyal and family-oriented and while you do enjoy reading at the park by yourself, it’s always so much better when you have a group of friends around you.

On the Subway

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Yes, you actually like reading on the subway. Not only does it help you escape from all the little inconveniences and tortures (The smells! The noises! The lack of personal space!) of being cramped into a subway compartment during rush hour, but it also helps you feel like all that time you spend commuting isn’t wasted time. In fact, with all this time to read, you absolutely tear through books and therefore are constantly on the lookout for new authors to get to know. You’re productive and efficient — and you’ve completely mastered the threatening glare you give to people when they see you’ve got your nose in a book and still attempt to start a conversation.

At a Library

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There’s nothing like being surrounded by books. You need all the silence you can get to focus — your mind moves a mile a minute and you have a hard time stopping yourself from making To Do lists in your head all day. But once you walk into a library, your brain is immediately at rest. The dim lighting, the comfortable, all-enveloping quiet; that’s all you need for a perfect evening.

At the Kitchen Table

You have a talent for making yourself comfortable anywhere. Sitting cross-legged on a stool? No problem! Once you start a new story, you won’t rest until it’s finished — cramped legs be damned! But you’re actually a more easygoing reader than you seem; you like all types of genres and you rarely give up on a book once you’ve started it, even if it isn’t quite what you expected. You always have something to say after flipping the last page, no matter how terrible or boring the novel.

At a Coffee Shop

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You enjoy a bit of hustle and bustle around you as you read. For some reason, it helps you focus on the story better. You like to treat yourself and cannot imagine a better time than sitting down with a hot beverage and a good read. Your habits have turned you into a bit of a drink snob, but you think that having great taste in coffee and tea is as important as great taste in lit — and you've even learned how to pair the two together. Just wait until people come knocking for recommendations... both kinds.

At Work or During Class

You sneaky reader! OK, fine, we’ve all done it. You’re a bit of a rebel; for you, the thrill of reading when you should be doing your work feels almost as good as the sheer joy of escaping into a book. You’re remarkably focused — you can keep your mind on the book even while your professor drones on or your coworkers are having an important conversation about the project you just signed on to a few feet away. But don’t anyone be fooled: You’re a remarkably hard worker. Sometimes you just need to pretend you’re anywhere but here... that’s allowed, right?

At a Bookstore

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You’re not just a book-reader, you’re a book-consumer. You consider it an achievement when you walk out of your favorite bookstore with just one book instead of three or five. Unfortunately, your rate of book-reading is much slower than your rate of book-buying, which means your room is a mess of book stacks — books as coasters, books tangled up in your bedspread or sprawled on the floor. But you will polish off that never-ending TBR pile ... someday.

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