This Chart Perfectly Explains Hilary Banks Outfits

Even though The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended 19 years ago, the show left quite a big mark on pop culture and many of our childhood memories. The Banks family was eclectic and dysfunctional, but always full of love, and the show included some pretty iconic characters. While some of the actors remain in the spotlight more than others — there's Will Smith, of course, and then Alfonso Ribeiro, who caused a frenzy when he revived the infamous "Carlton Dance" on Dancing With the Stars — I still have a special place in my heart for some of the Banks family members who have stayed under the radar. And for me, first and foremost, this means Hilary Banks and her incredible throwback outfits.

Hilary Banks, the quintessential Valley girl, was aloof, snobby, and, of course, hilarious, and the girl had some serious style. Sure, she ended up becoming a weather reporter, but Banks was first known for loving to shop and staying on top of the trends. And looking back, her outfits are a quintessential study on the '90s aesthetic of big and bold.

Since spring is finally making an appearance and my excitement for summer looks is growing, I put together a very important pie chart on what makes up a Hilary Banks outfit. This way, we can all pay homage to our girl, and look real fresh while doing so, too.

Images: NBC