Will Elena Take The Cure On 'The Vampire Diaries'? Nina Dobrev's Departure Leaves Us Extremely Suspicious

No, you haven't somehow been magically transported back to Season 4. The cure plot line has returned to The Vampire Diaries thanks to Bonnie's little trip to Nova Scotia in the prison world, which means some lucky vamp could end up becoming human again. The question is who, though. Who will take the TVD cure for vampirism this time around? We know Damon initially wanted it for Elena, whose pending departure from the series makes the odds seem all the more in her favor, some could speculate. But that doesn't mean there won't be other possible contenders vying for the prize.

But either way, the odds are that Julie Plec, re-introduced this story arc for a very specific reason. So odds are someone will be downing that cure-all by season's end, regardless of whether it will factor into Nina Dobrev's exit strategy or not. However, in light of what we now know about the cure's side effects, that by itself seems to narrow down our choices a bit. Because let's not forget what happened to Katherine after she ingested the cure — she began to age and at a rather rapid rate. (But hey, I guess that's bound to happen when you're technically over 500 years old.) So wouldn't that mean that the same thing would happen to Stefan and Damon as well?

I mean, full disclosure, being 166 and 174 years old, respectively, doesn't exactly make either of them a spring chicken. So wouldn't they eventually suffer the same deadly fate as Katherine? (The same could be said for Lily and Enzo as well.) So unless the writers are able to concoct some sort of elaborate loop hole to make them no longer susceptible to the cure's morbid side effects, I'd say that narrows our prospects down to either Elena or Caroline. These two have only been vampires for a few years now, which means their aging backlash would be a lot less extreme. In fact, we probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference as far as appearances go. Which begs the question as to who has the biggest incentive to make the transformation?

Originally, I would've leaned more toward Caroline, especially given all that's happened with the death of her mother. She never showed an interest in the cure before, mostly because we know how much she grew to love being a vampire. But now that Sheriff Forbes is gone, she may like the idea of being able to see her again in the afterlife some day. (That is, of course, assuming Caroline ever gets those pesky emotions of hers turned back on, so she can feel one way or the other about this.)

But on the other hand, Vampire Caroline is way too much fun to be taken away. And given that there's a good chance Elena's departure will lead to her death (I mean, how else would the writers explain her absence?), I'd say Miss Gilbert really is our best bet. After all, humans are a lot easier to kill than vamps. However, just in case some of you are still having some doubts, this option is made even more plausible thanks to the show's upcoming episode synopsis for "I Never Could Love Like That," which reads: "After rushing to help Jo treat victims of Stefan and Caroline's latest killing spree, Elena discovers Jo is pregnant, prompting her to reevaluate her own life as a vampire."

Sounds like Elena's going to start having babies on the brain. And since we all know vampires can't have children (you know, due to the whole "being dead" thing), this could make her extremely tempted to return to her human life. That is, unless Damon decides to keep this whole cure thing to himself.

As much as I love Damon, he isn't prone to always making the smartest (or at least morally-centric) decisions, meaning he could decide to be totally selfish and keep the cure a secret from everyone. After all, there's no guarantee that Human Elena would still feel the same way about him as Vampire Elena. (Not that that really matters now, though, considering Delena officially has an expiration date. *sobs*)

But either way, the truth is bound to come out eventually, one way or the other. And when it does, it'd be a shame if Damon's lies caused a permanent rift between Damon and Elena before they part ways. I can handle a lot of things, you guys, but seeing Delena end on such a sour note would be a monumental blow to my heart. And there's simply no cure in the world that could fix that.

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