When Will Zayn Malik's Next Single Come Out? "I Won't Mind" Already Has Me Itching For More Material

As unfortunate as it is that Zayn Malik made his sudden departure from One Direction supposedly due to wanting to be a "normal 22-year-old," — and as confusing and slightly disheartening it is to see his new solo single released barely a week after this sad announcement — I have to admit that Zayn Malik's first solo single "I Won't Mind" (recorded with English DJ Naughty Boy) is actually pretty damn great. In fact, it's so interesting and haunting and passionate that I wonder why Malik didn't just admit or explain that he wanted to go solo when he left One Direction. Justin Timberlake did it with *NSYNC, and look at him now: The rest of the band never really seemed to have any anger or feelings of betrayal toward him after his departure, even though he's now a huge star. But, wondering about what's going on behind-the-scenes with One Direction could take all day, so, for now, all I can so concentrate on is the music being released — and to be honest, I already need more of it. "I Won't Mind" makes me want to hear what else Malik may or may not be cooking up with his new music producer Naughty Boy. So, could we be getting anymore new music form the former One Direction-er?

Sadly, at the moment we have no new information on Malik's future solo singles. "I Won't Mind" dropped on SoundCloud on Monday after Naughty Boy got into a bit of a Twitter argument with One Direction member Louis Tomlinson over the promotion of his collaboration with Malik. Other than Naughty Boy stating in a tweet to "let the music do the talking," we have nothing on upcoming music — and that's incredibly frustrating, especially after listening to "I Won't Mind" for, like, the 50th time:

Malik has yet to comment on the single, the controversy, or what his actual plans for his career and life are — because at this point the whole wanting to be a normal 22-year-old statement seems unattainable.

So, could we be expecting new music soon? More collaborations with other music producers, rappers, and all kinds of artists? Honestly, I hope so. As much as it sucks that this whole situation began as a debacle, I still think Malik has a future as a solo artist. He just needs to start making smarter decisions in regards to when his friends and collaborators release their material. Let's hope we can some kind of new information on the Malik's future in music soon.