LeAnn Rimes Can't Leave Brandi Feud Alone

by Kristie Rohwedder

Oh, LeAnn Rimes. Why can't you let your battle with Brandi Glanville die for good? The singer tweeted (when ISN'T she tweeting? She's like Ryan Gosling's character from Drive, but with Twitter: "I tweet") a photo of herself cheesing on top of a tow truck. So what? Oh. The tow truck has the words "WRECKER SERVICE" painted across the bed. I get it. You're a home wrecker who can laugh at yourself. Crimeny. We're still fighting about Eddie Cibrian and making petty comments at one another's expense?

Then again, LeAnn is most relevant when she's trading jabs with a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star (which is a shame, because she can SANG), so I suppose this is what she does now. If she's going to have her own reality show, she's gotta keep our interest piqued somehow.

But damn, LeAnn! Your tweets are embarrassing. You "won" the "prize" (ugh, Eddie is a cheatin' jerk and hardly a prize. AMIRITE, everyone?), so leave it alone. Be an adult and ignore Brandi's comments. And please stop the subtweeting. Actually, never mind, don't. Because your tweets are works of sad, tragic art.

Here are our favorite LeAnn tweets, ranked from sad to saddest:

It's okay to tweet about your hubby, that's understandable. BUT you know what you're doing, you gloater!

But LeeeeAnnnn! It's 2013 and you're still going strong with the rants.

Yikes. Obviously, you're subtweeting at Brandi, but remember, LeAnn: you're married to a notorious cheater/liar. Careful, boo!

Then there is this tweetmare:

I am his WIFE & their "bonus mom" and it's out of line after 3 years to continually discuss. Negativity does not help kids. Go promote your show if that's what you're really there to do.

Oof, don't play the "bonus mom" card. That's a low blow.

And this sad RHOBH- related tweet rant that started with the following shot:

@HertelSara: "I thought you needed rehab. Now I realize its just you." Lol #rhwbh preview” sorry, can't deny the truth.

LeAnn can't help but salivate over that RHOBH preview. Not a good look. Leave the reality TV snarking to the rest of us, Rimes!

I don't even know what this is.