Can You Join Abby Lee Miller's Dance Studio? 'Dance Moms' Isn't A Very Exclusive Group

So if you've been captured by the insanity of Dance Moms for the past four years, you might have thought at one point or another that you could be a dancer just like the young stars of the show. I don't know about your dancing ability, whether it be closer to that of Maddie Ziegler or Chris Soules on Dancing With the Stars, but if you want to, you can still take dance classes with Abby Lee Dance Company, or her studio Reign Dance Productions. It's never too late to put on your dancing shoes.

So if you've ever wondered how you can dance on the same floors on which Abby Miller teaches/screams on, you're not alone, and it's actually pretty easy. The Abby Lee Dance Company, which is the smaller group company that Dance Moms follows, is part of a larger studio, Reign Dance Productions. Reign Dance Productions, which was named Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio when Abby's mom owned it, offers a ton of different dance classes for fans of the show to participate in.

So if you live in — or are traveling through — Pittsburgh, Penn., and find yourself in need of a little dance class, here's how you can take classes at Reign Dance Productions.

Classes At Reign Dance Productions: For The Average Person

If you're just dying to take dance classes at Reign, it's actually very possible. You just need to show up and enroll. Reign Dance Productions offers a wide array of different dance classes, including ballet, tap, jazz, leg & feet, gymnastics, and more. Your level and background in dance will obviously determine what class you'll be placed in, but it seems all different levels are welcome. The tuition chart is also available on the website, so you can get a better idea of how much Abby Lee Miller dance studio classes are going to set you back.

Competitive Dance Study With Abby Lee Dance Company: For The Maddie Zieglers

If you're looking to make a serious life move and become a competitive dancer, the Abby Lee Dance Company might be a good choice. It's just not as easy to get into. First of all, you need to audition to be apart of ALDC. If you wanted to set up a private appointment audition, you can do so with information provided on the site. But, being apart of ALDC isn't an automatic "Pass Go, Collect $200" type of deal. The ALDC site specifies that they are not currently auditioning for the Dance Moms cast, so if one were to make it into ALDC, there's no sure bet that there would be any TV time involved, so it's really got to be about the love of dance.

Images: Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime; Giphy (3)