'The Fifth Estate' Was a Flop, But How Does it Compare to Other Films Based on True Stories?

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It was not a good weekend for Benedict Cumberbatch's The Fifth Estate . It opened to a mere $1.7 million box office, making it one of the biggest flops of the year. It came as quite a surprise considering Cumberbatch's recent rise to fame and consistent box office draw. The film was also bringing in some early Oscar buzz at film festivals earlier this year. What went wrong? Was it too early to release an Oscar film in October? Was the controversy over the Wikileaks founder Julian Asange too of-the-moment? More often than not, films based on true stories have big box offices and garner lots of critical acclaim. In fact, many of last year's Oscar contenders were based on true events (Lincoln, Argo, The Impossible, Zero Dark Thirty). So, we're wondering what does "based on a true story" mean for box office sales? Let's take a look at some of our picks from the past few years.

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