Zappos Is About To Lose All Its Bosses

At times it can be a battle to share your personal opinions about how the company you work for can improve, which is exactly why Vegas-based company, Zappos implemented a holacracy management structure in 2013. However due to opposition against this new way of management, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is telling holacracy-opposing employees to quit. But rather than coming off as if it's his way or the highway, Hsieh approached the situation professionally.

In his incredibly long email (which he asked employees to take 30 minutes to read "in its entirety"), Hsieh explained that he is willing to offer three months worth of severance if anyone wants to leave the company. He specified that it is available to those who meet certain qualifications and are of good standing with the company, making it seem like he isn’t giving off a bitter vibe from the opposition he received.

A holacrastic form of management gives more power to the average employee. So rather than waiting in line for your manager or boss to approve of your idea or suggestion and ultimately put your ideas to actions, you can ask for permission to carry it out yourself. Hsieh is definitely all for it, but in order for the company to really thrive off of this management, Hsieh is weeding out the opposers (aka many of the managers). The Post reported that all traditional managers at Zappos will be gone by April 30. Sounds drastic and kind of crazy, but is Hsieh on to something? I also wonder if any other e-commerce websites will follow suit. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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