Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoes Sold At Zappos Couture So Anyone Can Point, Click, And Shop For Those Power Heels

Sarah Jessica Parker remains synonymous with fabulous fashion, especially statement-making shoes, thanks to her onetime alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. Her first fashion range, Bitten, was sold at Steve and Barry's before the discount retailer went belly up a few years back. Then she launched her mega successful SJP shoe line at Nordstrom because duh, shoes! Now, Sarah Jessica Parker's shoes are available at Zappos Couture so you can simply point and click to shop her selection of stilettos, strappy heels, and flats.

SJP pretty much transformed names like Louboutin and Blahnik into household ones while portraying the beloved Carrie on Sex and the City, which largely explains her aesthetic and the philosophy behind her designs. The shoe line's hallmark is its ribbon detail, which lives on the back of each pair, and it offers heels inspired by '70s-era single sole styles.

Shoes must be well made, but Parker wants women to embrace, rather than run from, color! "We want purple to be the new black, we want gray to be the new black, we want scarlet to be the new black," she enthused. "We want women to be really brazen about using color because I think women are always looking for that little thing to set them apart." And a sturdy, stylish, and purple shoe can help her do just that!

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SJP's brand launched in 2014 and has previously been sold through Nordstrom, but will now expand to Zappos Couture, becoming available to to more online shoppers and an even wider cross-section of shoe-worshipping women.

"We are enormously delighted to be launching our collection at Zappos Couture, an undeniably reputable company with such a loyal and fantastic relationship to their customers," SJP said in a statement provided to People.

She furthered, "We are hopeful that this opportunity will give us the chance to offer choices that cater to a wide variety of women, and we are excited to see how the brand grows in its new home."

It's the right move at the right time. SJP's brand means something very specific to stylish women. This move to an online destination could be exactly that which propels the actress' line into the stratosphere in terms of awareness and sales.


Any fashionista worth her salt knows that shoes make the outfit. They just do. SJP's variety of chic options will punch up any ensemble. The shoes largely fall into the under $400 price range, so they are somewhat of an investment, but one that will offer plenty of return.

Isn't this shoe amaze? And there's that ribbon detail.

So — are you ready to shop SJP x Zappos Couture?

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