David Duchovny Releasing An Album In May & These Videos Of Him Playing Guitar Should Hold You Over Until Then

I have a theory about why Agent Mulder was the "worst F.B.I. agent of all time": it could be because he never really wanted that career. Maybe Mulder always dreamed of being a rockstar. Maybe he resented the dull, menial job that was investigating unsolved, possibly supernatural cases. Maybe Agent Mulder never solved a case because his heart just wasn't in it. Well, David Duchovny is living out the rock 'n' roll dream for him: Tuesday, the Californication star tweeted a concise “I sing” and linked to a preview clip for his debut solo album. Hell or Highwaterdrops May 12, and the title track will be available on Amazon Wednesday.

No, this album didn't appear out of thin air, like an apparition or whatever. It's been in talks for a while: In a July 2014 interview with Rolling Stone , Duchovny discussed the then-in-the-works album. The author/actor told RS that it has been "a lifesaver just to be able to play music, write songs and think about singing songs to friends."

Perhaps you cannot wait for Hell or Highwater. Perhaps you would like to hear/watch Duchovny play music right this second. Perhaps you want to watch a couple o' videos of Duchovny playing guitar with famous rock bands. The Internet has you covered.

He joined Marilyn Manson onstage for a cover of Eagles’ classic “Hotel California”

Sqeletto on YouTube

And he performed “It’s All Been Done” with The Barenaked Ladies

acquaneve on YouTube

Happy Tuesday.