Joni Mitchell Reportedly Rushed To Hospital

This is so shocking: According to the New York Daily News, legendary singer Joni Mitchell was reportedly rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles-area home. Though details are scarce and unconfirmed at the moment, TMZ reports that paramedics responded to a 911 call at Mitchell's home on Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 PM. It's unclear who found Mitchell at this time, or the circumstances of the situation.

While this news is just a report at the moment, TMZ also added that "the 911 call was for an unconscious female, but she was alert on the way to the hospital." It's currently unclear what prompted the medical emergency, but the situation is reportedly "quite serious."

As the NYDN points out, Michell has had a long history with troubling illness — she suffers from Morgellons disease, which causes people "to experience a crawling and biting sensation to the skin," according to the news site, and also survived the oft-deadly conditions polio and scarlet fever as a child.

No official statement has been released regarding the reports, but, according to TMZ, Mitchell is reported to be in the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles-area hospital as of Tuesday afternoon.