This Dad And Baby Who Bond Over Chewing A Water Bottle Will Melt Your Bitter Heart — VIDEO

Fun fact for those of you who haven't effectively scrubbed high school out of your heads yet: In our brains there is something called "mirror neurons," which enable us to copy what other people do. They can sympathetically fire even if we're just watching someone do something. There are so many practical evolutionary reasons for our brains to install this kind of hardware, but none quite so vital as this dad and baby who chew water bottles together. Like, if this wasn't something humankind was meant to bond over, then I'm really not sure what is. It's not like we need to hunt now that Siri can kill our wild game for us (probably).

To this baby's credit, he looks genuinely confused at first. Chewing a water bottle doesn't even make sense to a baby. Then again, babies are confused about a lot of things. (Come on, guys, get it together.) But his dad's just having so much darn fun chewing on plastic that what's a baby to do, if not try it out for himself? And thus began the bajillionth example of how easily you can amuse young humans. Seriously, why do we even bother buying toys? Just let 'em roll around in the recycling for a little while and you're set. Parenting: I gets it.

You can see the progression here and this kid is like, "Uh, whoa there, what is this crunchy object?"


Judging by that one flash of side-eye you can just tell this dude is going to grow up to be a sass master. Even so, he decides to give it a try.


And by the end of the video, this pair are having a veritable plastic chewing part-ayyyyy.


We may still be a few days away from the weekend, but clearly the fun has already started. Go grab a water bottle, guys, and let these two teach you how to ~rage~:

These shenanigans coming as too much of a surprise, though, coming from the very same dad who only months before introduced the internet to the newborn baby workout. Babies are at LEAST $5.95 cheaper to make than dumb bells, so watch and learn, amateurs.

Here's the Baby Squat


The Baby Arm...Workout Thing (I dunno how to gym, guys. Cut me some slack.)


And The Baby Crunch:


And, of course, the full workout

If this dad can make water bottle chewing look that fun, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before Junior follows his lead on the workout regimen, too. Looking forward to seeing the franchise rise in 2033.

In the meantime, if you're looking to get your mind blown, here's a really cool TED Talk on mirror neurons. NERD OUT.

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