A Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch & 7 Other Tasty Cumberbatch Treats — PHOTOS

What's better than just looking at Benedict Cumberbatch? Eating him, of course. Not literally, but there are a variety of Benedict Cumberbatch-themed foods out there just waiting to be devoured. The latest in a long line of Cumberbatch treats is the chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch UK TV whipped up to celebrate the actor. The actual-size cocoa sculpture features a surprisingly lifelike Cumberbatch dressed in one of his trademark suits and bow ties.

The sculpture is part of a marketing campaign "to mark the launch of the new drama channel on UKTV's on demand service, uktvplay." Female fans were asked to vote on the dramatic TV actor they found the tastiest, and it's no surprise that Sherlock's Cumberbatch won with 12 percent of the votes. (If you ask me, that's nearly better than winning an Oscar. Who wouldn't want to be turned into chocolate?)

The Telegraph reports that it took a team of eight people 250 hours to complete the sculpture, but I think that's totally worth it. If you thought Cumberbatch's wax figure was cool, you're going to be blown away by this edible version. But Cumberbatch is so tasty that he's not just a chocolate sculpture. He's infiltrated the food world in other ways, too. Cumbercookies, Cumbercupcakes, etc. You can eat your favorite actor in eight different ways, so get munching!


Although this particular dessert is for display only, it would be wise for some chocolate shop to start making similar small-scale versions. They'd sell out in a minute, I'm sure.


You can order these amazing fandom cupcakes here.


Show off your fangirl side with these Cumbercookies. (A fandom name approved by Cumberbatch himself.) You can make these yourself with the help of a Sherlock cookie cutter.

Potato Cumberchips

Sadly these aren't real, but I think Lay's should probably make them happen ASAP.


Any barista who can make this kind of latte art deserves some sort of award.

Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

Suddenly this breakfast food is even more appealing.


This cucumberbatch cocktail will be a big hit at your next Sherlock viewing party. Get the recipe here.


Thanks to photo cake transfers you can decorate your desserts with the face of your favorite actor. Enjoy!