How To Have An Easter Party For Grownups

Easter is guaranteed to be a good time when you're still a kid, but Easter parties for adults tend to be a different story. Kids get to wake up to Easter baskets filled with goodies that were magically delivered by the Easter bunny, and then they go on an awesome hunt to find chocolate eggs. How is that even fair? What, there's just nothing for the adults to do but clean up egg decoration kits and random piles of shredded fake grass? It's an outrage. We want to cut loose while wearing unflattering purple polo shirts too, you guys. And sing the Liz Lemon ham song while dancing around with a chunk of it hanging off our fork. Plus, those Peeps aren't going to eat themselves.

But there is a way for the grownups to kick it on Easter and have just as much fun as the kiddos. Throw an adult Easter party with all the pastel decorations and age-appropriate games for the bill-paying, over-21 geezers to play — because this is a day for all of us to celebrate. It doesn't take that much to shift the celebration into an older mindset. All you really need are a few good friends, lots of food, plenty of booze, and some loose rules to structure the day. Here's how to throw a grownup Easter party the right way.

1. The Easter Bunny Is Not Invited

He or she is a fantastic spokesperson for the holiday, but if the Easter bunny isn't bringing a basket for every guest (of any age), then they do not get to attend the party.

2. Eat All The Candy

When you're a kid, you have a limit placed on how much candy you can eat. Now that you're an adult THERE. ARE. NO. RULES.

3. Have A Signature Easter Cocktail

Have a yummy spiked beverage that's on theme with the party, and also insanely delicious. This Jelly Bean cocktail should do the trick.

4. Turn The Egg Hunt Into A Drinking Game

Every time someone finds a pink egg — DRINK. Every time someone finds a purple egg — DRINK. Every time your BFF is too drunk to play and steals the discovered eggs and puts them back in the grass — DRINK.

5. Make Pastel Attire A MUST

If you're not dressed like a Peep, you may not enter.

6. Cook Your Own Feast

This is a super impressive grownup goal to accomplish. If you can successfully cook a large meal for a group of people, you can really do anything.

7. Send The Guests Home After Dessert, And Go To Bed Immediately

This will be the most grownup thing you'll do all day, but it's a testament to your maturity to know when to call it a night. Most of us have to work the next day, and while St. Patrick's Day hangovers make sense, Easter hangovers do not, so clock enough shut-eye in order to be productive the next day.

Image: I Am A Food Blog; Giphy (7)