'The Hills' Stephanie Pratt Is Writing A Tell-All Book & It Better Be Called 'Can't Make You Un-My Sister'

Real talk. This is something that I'll probably end up reading. Stephanie Pratt is writing a tell-all memoir and jumping on the gravy train of reality stars writing tell-all memoirs. But pray tell, what will Pratt talk about in her book? Her struggles with drinking? The fact that she's pretty much spent her entire adulthood on reality TV? Lauren Conrad's infamous mascara tears?

Pratt, who covers the latest issue of FHM, admitted that her confessional book will come out later this year. As The Daily Mail reports, Pratt basically said that the book will cover everything. She hasn't yet revealed any specifics, but she told the magazine that "it's about her growing up." And considering she said the book will go into "family stuff," she's probably gonna have a whole chapter on Spencer. She'll also talk about "getting everything I’ve ever wished for, my descent into drugs and rehab and arrests." 'Kay, so the whole kit and caboodle.

Pratt famously dealt with getting sober on The Hills, following a 2009 DUI and a 30-day stay in rehab. Not to mention, she was also dealing with bulimia when she was on the show. So there's a good chance that the book will have some very serious chapters.

Furthermore, she'll supposedly delve into the intricacies of filming "unscripted" reality television. “The stuff about The Hills, Big Brother, Made in Chelsea, my brother, guys… I’ve been very honest,” Pratt told FHM. Called it about the Spencer chapter!

Pretty much everyone else from The Hills has embarked upon their own literary endeavors. Lauren Conrad published the LA Candy trilogy of YA novels, a spin-off series called The Fame Game , and two advice books called Lauren Conrad Style, and Lauren Conrad Beauty . Whitney Port wrote a lifestyle/advice memoir called True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty & Fun, and Kristin Cavallari is coming out with her own book called Balancing on Heels in 2016. Then there was Heidi Montag's How To be Famous, a (humorous?) book of tips and tricks to navigating the shark-like world of fame for fame's sake.

In the case of Pratt's book, it seems like she'll be a little more candid about her own life. But until this literary opus reaches the shelves, we won't know for sure. For now, we can brainstorm titles. I feel like Can't Make You Un-My Sister is pretty solid.

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