15 April Fools' Tweets From The Fashion Set

April 1 isn't simply a harbinger of 2015's long-awaited spring; the date also marks April Fools' Day, so steel yourself for 24 hours of frantically attempting to differentiate the real from the imaginary. And where fashion is concerned, the line between fact and fiction is infinitely thinner. As fashion itself is an experiment in aesthetics and culture, it seems almost cruel for industry leaders to further play with their customers' minds; after all, Vogue did manage to convince its readers that Birkenstocks are chic, and Karl Lagerfeld has bewitched his followers into carrying around plastic milk cartons as couture.

Nevertheless, the fashion crowd adores April Fools' Day as much as any other community, and therefore the world can expect to be sartorially upended before the clock strikes 12 tonight. Nowhere is the fashion industry's adoration of the holiday more visible than on Twitter, where designers, publications, and retailers have taken to tweeting the most outrageous notions. Keep your wits about you today lest you be duped into wearing Miz Mooz' Selfie Shoes or ASOS's Man Bun, and read on for 2015's top April Fools tweets.

1. Target's Fanny Basket

It already appears some consumers have warmed to Target's atrocious fanny basket, so beware you local superstore.

2. Glamour's Photobomb Compilation

What could be a more appropriate April Fools' Day celebration for Millennial sartorial devotees than a photobomb album? Jennifer Lawrence had better be included in the mix.

3. Waterpik's Waterless Shower Head

If any phenomenon has the capacity to transform April Fools' Day into mass hysteria, it is a population of un-showered individuals.

4. Miz Mooz's Selfie Shoes

Give your arms a much-needed rest and put your legs to work with Miz Mooz's Selfie Shoes. The product is so outlandish it just may be a hit.

5. Barneys' #LickedInBarneys

The award for most outrageous April Fools' Day prank goes to the highly deserving Barneys, where Simon Doonan's canine gave Pusha T a sloppy smooch in favor of the performer's ensemble.

6. Barneys' Pup-Friendly Menu

Barney earns bonus points for wittily premiering a "Man's Best Friend" menu at the department store's in-house restaurant. New York City's dapper dogs deserve the best, after all.

7. North West's Vogue Kids Cover

In perhaps the biggest spoof of the holiday, Fashionista debuted the publication Vogue Kids, of course covered by a tearful North West.

8. Selfridge's Unexpected New CEO

In honor of Jeremy Piven's title role in the PBS drama Mr. Selfridge, the department store announced via Twitter that the actor had been dubbed Selfridge's CEO. Unfortunately, a handful of unsuspecting consumers believed the prank.

9. Hunter's Dog Boots

It would not be a surprise if Hunter introduced dog wellies, but alas, the footwear brand's canine boots are simply a jest.

10. Hilary Clinton's Chic Spa Day

In an amusing Twitter stunt, Dixie Swanson tweeted that Hillary Clinton was indulging in an afternoon at the spa with a side of cosmetic work.

11. ASOS's Man Bun

ASOS's clip-in Man Bun may be a hoax now, but I sense a hair revolution on the horizon.

12. Estee Lauder's Fake Sleep

Though not as bawdy as Twitter's other humorous posts, Estee Lauder's tweet regarding how to fake sleep is both amusing and realistic. Simply follow your "I woke up like this after nine hours of sleep" assertion with #AprilFools.

13. Barry M Cosmetics' Nipple Glitter

Barry M Cosmetics' strategically-placed glitter would undoubtably be Miley Cyrus-approved, if only the product were real.

14. Super Target's Forced Takeover

Keep an eye out for unusual activity at your local Target.

15. Mack Weldon's Downloadable Underwear

In a stunt so on-point it could be real, Mack Weldon presented "Downloadable Underwear" on Twitter. If such a product exists by year's end, it may be time to reevaluate the definition of sanity.