8 Brisket Recipes For Passover That Are Ridiculously Mouth-Watering — And Anything But Traditional

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It's almost time for Passover, which can only mean one thing: Brisket. Long known as the ultimate dish of the Jewish High Holidays, brisket recipes are beloved by a variety of cultures across the world. And while the Jewish culture traditionally serves the meat as a pot-roast, you can also find it in traditional Vietnamese pho soup. Or as Mexican suadero, which has produced some pretty swoon-worthy tacos. It's even popular in Italy, where people in the North toss the cut of meat into a tender bollito misto stew.

So as millions of people hit the stores to pick up their briskets, consider a less traditional preparation. Channel another culture's take on the popular item into your own holiday preparation, and consider serving brisket with a Mexican-inspired chipotle cranberry sauce. Or in a Thai yellow curry. Trust us — your guests won't be complaining.

Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

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