'Catfish' Couple Felipe & Jasmin Bring A Classic Tale To Season 4

From the beginning of time — OK, a couple years back when Catfish premiered — the following story has been labeled "shady:" Boy meets girl on Facebook, Girl is becoming a model, Girl doesn't have access to a phone, Boy and Girl have never met. It's a classic Catfish story, and Felipe and Jasmin are the characters of the week. The show is returning to its roots on Wednesday's episode, and that probably means the ending will be just as much of a let down for Felipe as it has been for past participants on the show. As Max says in the promo, they don't have a great track record.

Felipe and Jasmin met on Facebook — which is almost old school at this point, right? — per Felipe's friend request, and have been talking for about a year. Felipe believes Jasmin is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and says he has strong feelings for her, BUT he knows she is keeping secrets from him (UM, OK... So why are you playing with fire, Felipe?).

But maybe, just maybe, this classic Catfish episode isn't so classic at all. Maybe Jasmin is just sketchy because she's all about that "Can I Live?" life and doesn't care what people think. Maybe the missed Skype calls and the "no phone" thing is her living off the grid (oh, wait, she's on Facebook all the time). Check out the preview for Felipe and Jasmin's Catfish episode below, and then prepare to watch the full thing by going through everything we know about them.

Max Is Back

GAH, sorry. I couldn't hold it in any longer. It doesn't have anything to do with the episode's plot, but at the same time, it has everything to do with the episode's plot. I've missed Max so much that it feels like the first day of elementary school all over again.

Jasmin Is Working Towards Becoming A Model

This is, like, the most obvious red flag on Catfish. Not to say that Jasmin can't be working towards being a model, but that is usually a bad sign onCatfish. Also, it seems like there could be some lies regarding that model status, as this seems to be the account "Jasmin" was using.

They've Never Met

Felipe and Jasmin both live in Texas, just a few hours away from each other, but they've never met. Felipe chalks it up to them both being busy with their own lives — Felipe has an almost 5-year-old, Jasmin has an almost-modeling career — they can't take a day out of their month to meet up with each other. PSSSHH.

Jasmin Doesn't Have Phone Access

NOPE. Sorry Felipe, but run for the hills, because this is the final nail in the coffin of What Could Have Been. A 22-year-old up-and-coming model who uses Facebook regularly, but doesn't have phone access? Also, Facebook has a video call feature, so she could have always used that, right?

There Are Multiple People Involved

In the preview, Max says, "Do you know these people?" As in plural. As in, there could be more than one Catfisher. Oh, the tangled web! Sorry, Felipe, but this is definitely not a good sign. The only shocking thing about this episode of Catfishwill probably be just who shows up at the Nev-induced meet-up.

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