8 Reasons 'Furious 7' Should Genuinely Win An Oscar

The seventh film in the Fast and the Furious series is being released this Friday, Apr. 3, and, even if you don't think you like this series, it's time to start paying attention to it. And not just in a summer blockbuster way, either. In a critically-acclaimed way. WAIT WAIT WAIT, HEAR ME OUT. There's no reason to jump to your feet and start shaking your head right away. Sure, it has a reputation as one of the biggest, most mindless franchises in history, but it's also one of the best, and it doesn't get enough credit. Which is why I'm hoping it all changes this year, and that Furious 7 will get itself an Oscar this year. Yeah, that's right, I said it. An Academy Award. A golden statuette. Whatever you want to call it, I think Furious 7 should get one.

And why shouldn't it? We have a lot of rules about the type of movies that can and can't be honored with awards, but I feel like most of them are just to make us feel smarter about ourselves and our choices. But, when you really look at the way these movies are built and they've progressed, they're really bringing a lot to the table, and I feel absolutely comfortable pushing for them to be rewarded accordingly. In fact, I can think of eight reasons that Furious 7 deserves an Oscar, and I'm ready to stand behind every single one of them.

Those Action Sequences

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Flawless. James Cameron makes one ship sink and we throw statues at him, then we're literally dropping cars out of planes and driving them through buildings and nothing? C'mon.

It Has Staying Power

Hey listen, Lord of the Rings is a franchise, and so is Star Wars, and we're all googly-eyed about those... but give us seven movies in a row that have stayed true to themselves and their world and we turn up our noses at it? What gives?

...And Mass Appeal

Would it kill us to give Best Picture to a movie that everybody saw, for once?

Sound Mixing

I MEAN AT A BARE MINIMUM. Their sound technicians kill it, and there's no denying that.

The Cast Is Racially Diverse

And has been from day one! They've never resorted to tokenism or white-washing as far as casting, and, while I'm aware we don't have an award for that, maybe we should. Especially if the 2015 Oscars were any indication, because yikes.

It Passes The Bechdel Test

And the diversity isn't just limited to race! The leads in the Fast series are a mix of men and women, with no differences in driving or fighting competency between the genders. Pretty progressive when you think about it.

They're In On The Joke

These movies know exactly what they are! They're in on the joke, and they embrace their concepts to become the best possible version of themselves. Sure, no one tells a two-hour long story about Rosebud, but sometimes you just want to go into a movie theater knowing that you'll have a good time and come out happy and energized.

They've Gotten Better Over Time

I nominate Fast 7 for the Most-Improved Academy Award. It's another thing you might think doesn't exist, but then WHAT HAVE WE BEEN NOMINATING BRADLEY COOPER FOR.

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