'Dance Moms' Is Scarier Than A Horror Film: 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch It With The Lights On

Have you ever noticed just how scary Lifetime's Dance Moms is? Not only is Abby Lee Miller terrifying with all that yelling she does, but between the mothers acting like immature children to the kids being forced to do things that they might not even want to do, well, you could say the reality series is scarier than a horror film. There might not be blood, gore, guts, or a serial killer stalking a young group of teens, but Dance Moms is not all sunshine and rainbows. Actually, it's something I recommend you watch with the lights on, because at times it's worse than any scary movie you've ever seen.

You don't even need to be a fan of the reality dance show, which has been on air for five seasons, to understand how or why Dance Moms is essentially a very scary horror film that will give you all kinds of nightmares. Why don't you let me break it down for you?

Here are eight reasons Dance Moms is so much scarier than your favorite horror film. You know, the one that makes you refuse to watch without the lights on and causes you hide underneath a blanket.

There's A Mean-Spirited Villain

You can't have a horror movie without a villain. Enter Abby Lee Miller. I don't care what you say, but the way Abby acts as a teacher and a person is beyond terrifying. Her rants will surely make anyone cry and be terrified of going to sleep.

Darkness & Fear Are Always Lurking

Every horror movie produces darkness and fear, right? We also get that with Dance Moms. There are a lot of dark moments, like when the moms criticize their daughters, make them act like adults, and force them to do things they don't want to. Plus, the moms and Abby put so much fear into the dancers that they have to be walking around scared. I know I would be, especially if I got berated for not doing a dance move correctly.

That Haunted House Is Super Spooky

The best part of horror movies? The haunted house. Let's face it: Abby Lee Miller's dance studio is exactly like a haunted house. Whether there are cobwebs and spiders crawling around, I don't know. However, I do know once you enter, it's hard to escape and you basically are going into crazy town.

There's Spooky Music

OK. Some of the music isn't spooky or creepy like in horror movies, but, at times, the song choices are questionable, sad, and even dark, especially when it comes to those contemporary routines — or if the girls are dancing around like zombies.

Yep, There's Even Violence

Violence and horror movies go hand-in-hand. It's also something the reality show can't live without. Really, there's actual hitting and slapping happens on Dance Moms . The result? The women and students take each other to court — for real.

There's Even Crude Language

Crude language is essential when producing a horror movie, or if you're on Dance Moms.

The Costumes & Makeup Are Scary

In typical horror movie fashion, Dance Moms has some scary costumes and makeup. Now, it might not always be the scary you're used to, but when the costumes aren't age appropriate it can be quite frightening. However, sometimes the costumes are spot-on. Plus, when it comes to makeup, well, the dancers always look pretty amazing, just like if they were getting dressed up for a part in a scary movie.

Everybody Fends For Themselves

Ever notice how in a horror movie, sometimes people just fend for themselves? That's exactly what happens in Dance Moms. Where's the support, ladies? Women should be uplifting one another, supporting each other, and striving to be the best that they can be. And not supporting each other is what's truly scary.

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