What The F*** Should I Make For Dinner Tumblr Is A Hilarious Profanity-laden Digital Cookbook

Maybe you, like me, are a person who frequently has a problem making up your mind about what you should eat. Because this is the Internet and anything is possible, the What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner Tumblr has you covered. There are moments each of us is incapable of making up our minds, but this is 2015 and there’s an app for that.

Internet users share a fair amount of information about how to cook, be it via simple recipes that will get you in the chef groove, thoughts on every imaginable way to make pasta out of a box, or creative strategies for remixing your mac ‘n’ cheese recipes, because duh. But WTFSIMFD is a horse of a different color; this puppy spits out all sorts of delicious recipes for gourmet meals. Spend four minutes clicking through this Tumblr and you will undoubtedly be salivating.

But hold on, it totally gets better. It has a vegetarian option too! It allows you to navigate to recipes that are totally meat-free, and offer some tasty how-tos without having to keep clicking through. With a navigation tool that helps you switch recipes by deciding “I don’t f*cking like that,” you have all the benefits of a digital cookbook with some seriously hilarious profanity.

Here’re a couple we stumbled upon:

Check it out for yourself here. Digital cookbooks aren't your thing? They totally have a hardcover copy as well.

Images: Tumblr, Chris Boswell /Fotolia