21 Undeniable Truths 'Friends' Taught Us About Food

I think we can all agree that the world was a better place because Friends was in it. Thanks to the almighty Netflix, we never have to live without it. Though I was a youngin' when Friends first premiered, I grew up with the show and, as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate so much more about it: the complicated world of dating in your 20s, the exhausting process of figuring out your career, the scary nature of trying to stand on your own two feet, and, when all is said and done, the only thing that makes it all better is food. Of all the things Friends did well, its consistent portrayal of the power of food to really bring people together is spot-on.

It's not just the Friends Thanksgiving episodes where Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel gather around to worship at the altar of carbs, cheese, and chocolate. Throughout the entire series, Friends showcased just how much of our lives revolve around eating — which is true of the closest friend groups I've ever had. The friends who eat together, stay together.

Here are 21 more undeniable truths Friends taught us about food. Enjoy!

The Greatest Food Group is Sandwiches

Priorities. Get them.

Eating Cheesecake Off of the Floor is Completely Acceptable

I'd do it.

Turkey Goes With Everything

Even comically oversized sunglasses!

Never Apologize For Indulging

Whoever heard of "too much pudding?"

Thanksgiving Leftovers Are Sacred

One of the few instances where everyone agreed with Ross. His reaction was 100 percent valid.

There is a Special Layer in Dante's Inferno For Friends Who Do This To You


Calcium is an Important Part of Your Daily Diet

Way to hit that daily reccommended amount, Joey.

The Way You Like Your Mashed Potatoes is the Way You Live Your Life

Mashed with lumps? With carrots and peas? Without lumps? TATER TOTS?

Pregnancy Cravings are Real


So Are The Munchies

Even more real.

There is No Substitute for Real Chocolate

Monica's face says it all.

Tomatoes are Sensual

Nothing rekindles a romance quite like pasta sauce.

And Jam is Erotic

When I dip, you dip, we dip.

There Ain't No Shame in Nestle Toll House

Or Nessle Toulousse.

Maternity Wear is Really for Food Babies

Joey Tribbiani, pioneer.

The Only Reason for Travel is Giant Toblerones

Duty Free, y'all!

Eating is Acceptable Everywhere

Bologna? Good. Pickles? Good. Showers? GOOOOD.

Cake Can Heal All Wounds

No matter what, Joey.

Food Challenges You in Unexpected Ways

Climb it!

But it Especially Challenges Your Friendships

If it's made with love.. .and beef... you have to eat it.

And Is a Testament of Your love

Don't we all want someone who would drink the fat for us?

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