Adorable Photo Booth Pics Help Dogs Get Adopted

A good photo can make a big difference in the life of a shelter dog by helping potential owners to imagine the dog as part of their own families. The Humane Society of Utah is finding success in finding dogs’ forever homes with the help of great photography. Since 2014, photographer Guinnevere Shuster has taken these adorable, photo booth-style pictures of the shelter’s canine residents. The resulting images show happy, silly dogs catching treats mid-air and mugging for the camera. The pictures get posted to the Humane Society of Utah’s Facebook page, and paired with fun, detailed descriptions of the dogs’ needs and temperaments.

Shuster says that her photos aim to show each dog’s unique personality. She tells The Huffington Post about one of subjects, a white pit bull pup named Teton (pictured first below),

I think [the photos show] his goofy and sweet personality. If his picture makes you want to reach down squeeze his face and shower him with kisses, then I've done my job because he loves to give kisses.

Shuster’s work in this case was successful: Teton was promptly adopted after his pics were posted on Facebook. Shuster has also done a great series of photos of black dogs, aiming to help these typically difficult-to-adopt-out pups find new homes.

Hit it, pups!

Images: Getty Images; The Humane Society of Utah/Facebook (12)