How Does Gamble Earn Her Money? This 'Real Housewives of Melbourne' Star Has Worked Really Hard For What She's Got

I love the gossip, I love the drama, but most of all, I love the money. How women spend money around the country — turned world — is what originally drew me into the Real Housewives franchise (I stayed for the glass throwing, table flipping insanity that followed). Real Housewives of Melbourne, while not as flashy as some of the other cities — cough RHOBH — certainly boasts a bevy of women with hefty bank accounts. But on Thursday's episode of Real Housewives of Melbourne , how Gamble got her money comes into question, when Pettifleur asks if Gamble would consider herself coming from "old money." Yuck. Look, Pettifleur, I know you're new to this thing, but you're all on the same show for a reason... you all have money. You're not the only one who has money!

I'm sure that some of the women are quick to start comparing Australian dollar signs, and I'm sure some of them have more money than others, but somehow they all ended up on this show together, so they're clearly doing something right. Plus, Gamble just admitted that she's spent $90,000 on staying youthful, so she's obviously doing just fine. But while I resent Pettifleur's snooty questioning regarding Gamble's wealth (I think she was getting at the fact that Gamble doesn't have money, Rick — her fiance does), it did leave me to wonder what Gamble has done to earn her money.

After doing a little investigating, I realized Gamble probably isn't earning a billion dollars each year, but you can't blame the woman, since she has her hand in a ton of different creative piggybanks.

And no, Gamble hasn't earned her on from doing that thing EVERYBODY is talking about.

Art Consultant

Gamble has mentioned before that she comes from a "family of artists," and she, herself, also dabbles in the art arena. In the first episode, we saw Gamble painting away in her beautiful home, but Gamble also has a career as an art consultant for Billich Gallery. An art consultant is someone who has an eye for what pieces work for buyers and has an extensive knowledge about what he/she is selling. Basically, you can't really bluff being an art consultant, because the artist is relying on you to convince people their artwork is worth the price tag. While this job might not be bringing in millions of dollars for Gamble, it is definitely bringing in some bacon.

Handbag Designer

Gamble is also letting her creative juices earn her money by selling a line of handbags. The iGambol handbag resembles a gun holster, which is pretty badass. The bags retail on the iGambol site and at other retailers in Australia. Starting at $425 AUD (about $323 US dollars), the bags are not only a way for Gamble to find a creative outlet in designing, but also earn some money.

Social Director of Rick's Eye Clinic

On Gamble's Twitter, she sites her third job as "Social director to Dr Rick Wolfe Vista Eyes." I have no clue what a "social director" does, but let's just assume it's a pro-bono job for her guy. Still, girl is keeping busy.

Images: John Tsiavis/Bravo; ThePrettyNerdie, GaysOfAnarchy, SideWinderVX (2)/Tumblr